PolyPitch 2023


Check out the partners and winners from the polyPITCH event in 2023!

polyPITCH 2023 Winners

Transire Bio

Enabling the painless delivery of injectables.

tethys Robotics

Automated inspection and assessments in rough waters


Enabling single cell analysis

polyPITCH 2023 Partners

Serpentine Ventures

A leading Swiss advisor for venture assets.


Apply for Venturelab's Venture Challenge program!

ETH Student Project House

Create tomorrow, today.

Anil Sethi

ETH Entrepreneur in Residence

Talent Kick

Start your entrepreneurial journey.

ETH Entrepeneurship

Entrepreneurship starts here.


We turn sunlight into fuel

Kellerhals Carrard

Expertise in all areas

Organising Team

polyPITCH is organized by members of the Telejob team!

Katie Platt

Telejob President

Tom Simpson

IT Manager

Jake Casselman


Peter Belcak

Partner Outreach

Morgan Vallieres

Project Member

Mary Jialu Chen

Project Manager